A letter from host Welton Gaddy upon learning of Air America’s closure.  Please continue to listen to our program via stateofbelief.com.  New programs will continue to be available.

Welton GaddyHaving just celebrated the fourth anniversary of State of Belief, today we received the sad news that Air America has filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy.  The network stopped live programming this past Thursday.  However, the State of Belief program that airs this weekend is new.

Air America’s closing does not mean that State of Belief is ending; not by a long shot.  Our show has lots of supporters and a growing number of listeners.  Every week we hear from people who appreciate “religion and radio done differently.”

I encourage you to listen now through our website www.stateofbelief.com.  We will continue to produce the show and make it available for all of you who listen to it with such fidelity.  We will know soon which of the radio stations that currently carry the show will accept our offer to keep providing the show to them.  Stations carrying the show will be listed on the website.

As I said to listeners on this week’s show, I usually conclude the broadcast saying, “You all take care of each other.”  That is still my counsel of encouragement.  However, for right now, I must also say, “As you all take care of each other, please help take care of us as well.”  The joy of interacting with you on the air is too great not to continue.  Stay tuned, please!
Welton Gaddy
Welton Gaddy

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  • Peter Wexler

    Dear Rev. Gaddy,

    I’ve been an online listener of yours for quite some time. I love your message.

    Let me know if I can be of service.

    -Peter Ronald Wexler

  • Barry

    Rev Gaddy,

    I listen almost every week for your refreshing and insightful perspective.

    My upbringing was Jewish, but I am no longer actively following Judaism – I do not believe in organized religion or a Supreme Being. But I do understand and I’m capable of appreciating the human sociological need for faith, for those who choose it; it’s part of our world culture.

    For me, resisting the urge to accept faith based beliefs is a constant struggle; I am bombarded [as we all are] with appeals to faith from all sides in our various cultures. The freedom to be free of religion can be ‘hard work’.

    Thank you for continuing to provide your point of view, which is so sorely needed in this modern world. I will be checking in here to listen, since AAR has folded up. I’m sure other networks will step forward.

    – Barry

  • Anne

    Dear Mr. Gaddy,

    I’m really happy to hear that you are not going to stop doing ‘State of Belief’.
    I have been a long time listener – though I’ve never contacted you before.
    I’m saddened about the loss of Air America. It has just been a strange beginning of this new decade on many fronts. We need each other in this world and we need to respect each other’s faith/tradition. The Unity of your program has been a great encouragement to me.

    I will keep checking in to see about getting the podcast re-started.

    Bless you!
    Anne, from NW Florida

  • Producer

    Thank you all for your support! We couldn’t do this without listeners like you. Please keep coming to stateofbelief.com to hear new programs and you can also sign up for our podcast. Thank you!

  • Jackie

    I will really miss your program… It is such an inspiration and gives me some hope in this world that is not changing for the better. Maybe if there were more voices like yours there would be more positivity in this world. Everyone is so very depressed. Please let me know what station in Los Angeles you will be on… Jackie

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