Here’s a rundown of this past weekend’s episode of State of Belief, the Interfaith Alliance‘s radio show on Air America.

Last week, religious leaders from around the globe gathered in Madrid to discuss improving communication between the world’s many faith traditions. Rev. Gaddy was there – tune in to hear what happened.

Religion and politics have been sharing the news print this week. Sarah Posner, author of American Prospect’s FundamentaList, discusses the significance of a shared megachurch campaign stop scheduled by the McCain and Obama campaigns this week.

Last Monday marked the anniversary of Tennessee’s Scopes Monkey Trial, in which high school teacher John Scopes was found guilty of teaching evolution in public schools. Physicist Karl Giberson says it’s OK to believe in God and evolution. Find out why.

And, what do you get when you mix guns with church youth functions? Intersection Awards. We’re giving a green, yellow, or red light to some quirky stories we’ve found at the intersection of religion and politics.

Religion and radio, done differently – every weekend, on State of Belief. We hope you will tune in.

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