Because the issue of marriage equality has not been divisive enough already in this country, and especially in North Carolina, another pastor has taken it upon himself to make extreme, violence-inciting remarks on LGBT persons from the pulpit. Pastor Charles L. Worley’s suggestion? Round up “lesbians, queers and gays” and surround them with barbed wire fences – then wait for them to die out, since “they can’t reproduce” (remember NC pastor Sean Harris, whose call for fathers to beat little boys for exhibiting a lack of traditional masculine tendencies received shouts of approval from his congregation – click here for a refresher.)

Here’s a clip from pastor Worley’s sermon:

In his role as President of Interfaith Alliance, Rev. Welton Gaddy was a guest on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 to address this disturbing trend – and the additional issue of pastor Worley making a pretty clear endorsement for the November election.

A little background: Worley has been pastor of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, NC (40 miles Northwest of Charlotte, and home to a billion-dollar Apple data center) since 1976. The message of this preacher reaches his congregants, online viewers of service videos, and, since 1977, listeners of a daily radio ministry called “God’s Message For You,” carried by stations in three states:

WWOL Forest City, NC 780 AM
WYCV Granite Falls, NC 900 AM
WOSM Ocean Springs, MS 103.1 FM
WZAP Bristol, VA 690 AM

God’s message? Seems like something got lost in transmission.

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