Two recent Obama picks are facing heated opposition over their sexual orientation because (surprise!) we are┬átalking about the Religious Right here and now groups like Family Research Council and the Alliance Defense Fund have set their sights on law professor Chai Feldblum, the first openly gay nominee to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. “If You Hate America You Have a Lawyer,” screams the headline of an article released last month by TVC (Traditional Values Coalition). In addition to trying to “smear” Feldblum for her time working with the ACLU and Human Rights Campaign, the article slams Feldblum – oddly enough – for her approach of “incrementalism” when it comes to gay rights and even tries to get in a jab over her support of the Americans With Disabilities Act??! Our friends over at Talk2Action have more on the attacks.

But reading about the attacks on Feldbum also brought to mind the case of Kevin Jennings who was recently named director of the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools, much to the chagrin of Tony Perkins over at Family Research Council. His organization recently launched an online campaign to stop Kevin Jennings and his “homosexual agenda” for public schools. More at the Washington Post.

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  • jOEL Rosenblum

    bravo to Interfaith for taking a proper stand against prejudice. . .will hate ever leave the hearts of these fellow Americans

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