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This weekend on State of Belief Radio, Welton Gaddy talks to Jonathan Edwards, author of the important new book Superchurch: The Rhetoric and Politics of American Fundamentalism.

We’ll also re-air a couple of very timely interviews from two years ago. As the debate rages nationwide about the symbolism of the Confederate Battle Flag, you’ll hear US Representative John Lewis of Georgia – a legendary civil rights activist who marched with Martin Luther King, Jr.

And after the Supreme Court’s ruling on Marriage Equality, a number of LGBT activists are saying it’s time to focus on racial and economic injustice. In July of 2013 we first aired a moving conversation with Unitarian Universalist pastors, Meg Riley and Rosemary Bray McNatt, who argued for just that kind of teamwork in the aftermath of SCOTUS DOMA, Prop 8 and Voting Rights Act rulings that summer.

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