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The US House of Representatives has passed a landmark new bill allowing federally-funded disaster relief for houses of worship. And some of the Church-State separation groups that vehemently opposed this erosion of the First Amendment in past disasters, like Hurricane Katrina, are on board this time around, making it a very popular, but still a very bad idea. You’ll hear why from Interfaith Alliance’s own Arielle Gingold.

Plus, one prior Army Captain’s call for the separation of the US Military – and the Boy Scouts! Jason Torpy, a board member with the organization Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers will explain how the BSA’s ongoing discriminatory practices against gay scouts and leaders, and against Atheists and Agnostics, should disqualify them from receiving tax dollars. It’s noteworthy that even with Scouting’s National Board’s recent (very temporary) moves toward equality for sexual minorities, there’s been little mention of the religious discrimination the nation’s largest private youth organization continues to perpetrate.

And the Rev. Fletcher Harper, Executive Director of GreenFaith, an organization that represents “Interfaith partners for the environment.” The group is one of many that was a part of last weekend’s massive rallies in Washington and across the country calling for action on global climate change. What’s the role of people of faith in the environmental movement? We’ll find out!

That’s all coming up next time, on State of Belief! Here’s how to listen.

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