Remember the endorsement courtship and nasty split between pastors and politicians during the primaries?  Now, the Religious Right’s Alliance Defense Fund is organizing more pastors to endorse more politicians from the pulpit this Sunday!

Interfaith Alliance’s new video – Pulpit Politics: The Race for Pastor-in-Chief – is a fresh reminder of what happened in the primaries, and previews what’s to come if clergy are further encouraged to compromise their integrity for partisan politics.

After you watch the video, forward it to the leader of your congregation, and ask your clergy to sign our clergy pledge!

In fact, a story from today’s Los Angeles Times features our clergy pledge as the counterweight to Alliance Defense Fund’s effort towards “setting the stage for a collision of religion and politics.”

America’s pulpits are for prayer, not partisan politics. Let’s keep our pulpits free from the political machinery we’ve already seen devastate clergy and sidetrack the campaigns in this election.

After you see the new video, you can watch our video on the Top Ten Moments in the Race for Pastor-in-Chief for ten more reasons religion and partisan politics are better left kept a long-distance relationship.

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  • chris

    It should be well noted that JUDAS ISCARIOT tried to use Jesus’ ministry as a platform for political and military uprise.
    He was in extreme error to say the least.

    Jesus rebuked Peter in the Garden of Gethsemane for trying to use force on Jesus’ captors putting to rest any misconceived notions that this was some uprising.

    There are many other examples where Jesus went to great lengths to distance himself and his ministry from being considered political or military.
    I am sickened by many things in the pulpit and find this “vain revolution for political freedom of speech” particularly irreprehensible and contrary to the teachings and overall impetus of Jesus’ ministry.

    As a sideline note I would also like to point out that none of the candidates are running for office of priest or pastor.
    To criticize one politician for being “pro choice” or in favor of stem cell research while giving full support to a candidate who advocates fully the use of war, torture, and nuclear armament not only for defense but also as a ” first strike” option, is garbage and contradicts all that Jesus came to establish as his message and legacy.

    I would like to add another thought that sacrificing a church’s tax exempt status is extremely irresponsible when considering that the minister is being entrusted with money that did not come from him nor belongs to him.
    (see all the biblical listings for stewardship).

    I would like to charge and challenge all elders and/ or board members to challenge and rebuke your pastor if you feel he is abusing his post of shepherd for the sake of spewing politically in a place that should bring respite from all of this rather than becoming a platform for it.

    Remember…America is a democratic republic with the first amendment to the constitution protecting in large part our freedom of speech…

    God’s Kingdom is NOT a democracy but an absolute monarchy with one true king and emperor.
    Jesus NEVER used His authority or exclusive privileges as God’s Son to advocate or support any political or military entity.
    We need to remember which kingdom we are in and which King we serve.


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