The Matthew 25 Network has started running a series of radio ads supporting Barack Obama. The ads, which address Obama’s faith in Jesus Christ and his positions on how to reduce abortion rates, are running on Christian radio stations in Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, Missouri, Indiana, Virginia, and North Carolina.

The Matthew 25 network is a group Interfaith Alliance has had some concern about since it was founded earlier this year. Their goal seems to be to apply the tactics of the religious right to electing candidates on the left. I don’t disagree with the premise that democrats need to fight the perception that they are godless. However, no candidate – or supporter – should suggest that you should vote for them or against the other candidate because of their faith.

These ads, despite being put out by an independent organization and containing a disclaimer that Matthew 25 is solely responsible for their content, are just the latest example of the 2008 election turning into the race for pastor-in-chief instead of commander-in-chief.

Both candidates have failed to challenge the popular belief that to be a good president, you have to be Christian. the constitution states that their shall be no religious test for public office, but the candidates and their supporters seem all to willing to take it anyway.

watch the ads online here.

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  • Billy Strain

    You make some good points, Mr. Geller. The folks of Mathew 25 are walking a fine line here. It would be important for them to stress that while Barrak Obama, as a matter of fact, is a Christian, no one there is suggesting that a vote cast for his competitor is being anti-Christian.

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