The website Beliefnet reports on how conservative Christian voters are celebrating the results of Tuesday’s election.  The big win in the eyes of the Religious Right is of course the defeat of the same-gender marriage bill in Maine, but they also found reason to celebrate the election of governors Bob McDonnell in Virginia and Chris Christie in New Jersey. McDonnell is a Pat Robertson Regent University alum (who called working women a “determent” to American society in his Regent thesis) and he was championed by both Christian Coalition former head, Ralph Reed, and Sarah Palin.  NJ’s Christie got the seal of approval from none other than Tony Perkin’s FRC PAC. The interesting thing is neither Christie nor McDonnell made their anti-choice or anti-marriage equality views central to the campaign.  They talked more about taxes, the economy, and, in McDonnell’s case, transportation.  Tune into State of Belief this weekend, when journalist Sarah Posner will speak with Welton about the election results and offer some insight in why a figure like Bob McDonnell may become the model for Religious Right candidates of the future.

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