In response to the latest crop of state-level “religious freedom” legislative initiatives (aka “mini-RFRA’s”) Interfaith Alliance launched its #EveryoneOnly campaign – encouraging businesses nationwide to overtly express inclusivity, and underscoring the similarities between today’s political attempts to pander to the bias bloc of the religious right and discriminatory practices against other groups in the past.

Among the businesses who have joined the campaign so far is Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. On the May 23, 2014 edition of State of Belief Radio, company co-founder Mitchell Gold, a longtime activist for LGBT rights, described some of the reactions to the posting of the signs in their stores.

To hear the full interview and read the transcript, please CLICK HERE.

Interfaith Alliance is mailing 20,000 “We Serve Everyone Only” signs to supporters and allies. To print out the sign immediately and to learn more about the campaign, please CLICK HERE.

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