There was an interesting piece on NPR’s Morning Edition about evangelical author, speaker and lecturer, Brian McLaren, whose work has drawn the fire of Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and other Southern Baptist theologians.  McLaren’s recent book A New Kind of Christianity argues for just that – a Christianity open to religious pluralism and one centered on social justice instead of fire and brimstone.  Says McLaren, “God revealed in Christ crucified shows us a vision of God that identifies with the victim rather than the perpetrator, identifies with the one suffering rather than the one inflicting suffering.”

This message of caring for the poor and suffering appears too radical for Mohler but as reporter Barbara Bradley Hagerty points out, McLaren may have the advantage. This message resonates much more with younger generations.   Want to hear more from Brian McLaren on his new book? Check out the interview he did with Welton last  month (and judging from the positive responses we received, his message resonates with State of Belief listeners, as well.)

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