Welton with Bend the Arc's Hadar Susskind

Welton with Bend the Arc’s Hadar Susskind

On the next State of Belief Radio – is there room for bi-national gay couples in Comprehensive Immigration Reform? Hadar Susskind of Bend the Arc will be here to talk about the chances of – and the need for – an inclusive policy for same-gender families, and the chances of language from the Uniting American Families Act making it into an amendment to the legislation currently before the Senate.

Also, an organization dedicated to helping faith leaders who have lost their faith. You’ll meet Catherine Dunphy, former Catholic chaplain and today Executive Director of The Clergy Project.

And the always-entertaining Rabbi Simcha Weinstein. His new book is The Case for Children: Why Parenthood Makes Your World Better.

Be sure to tune in, for religion and radio – done differently!

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