Kirk Cameron also known as Mike Seaver from the TV sitcom Growing Pains is back behind the camera, well “back” if you don’t count his appearances in the apocalyptic Left Behind films.

This time around, Kirk is appearing in a Youtube video announcing his plan to distribute 50,000 copies of Darwin’s On the Origins of Species on college campuses this November. But if you think the conservative Christian Cameron is doing this out of goodwill, a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the book’s publication, think again! The “very special edition” he’s peddling includes an introduction by Ray Comfort which, among other ridiculous claims, extols the connection between Nazism and Darwin’s theory, as well as Darwin’s racism and “disdain for women”.  Note the well-placed persecution complex that precedes Cameron’s pitch for his edition of Darwin’s book:


And wondering who Ray Comfort is? In addition to starting The Way of the Master ministry with Kirk Cameron, he’s also a Youtube sensation. Here he is proving the existence of God with a banana:

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