(and is Charleton Heston rolling over on his gun?)

We have recently seen a flurry of news around John McCain’s new ad, tying Barack Obama to the Antichrist, or just to an arrogant elitist, depending upon who you ask.  Amy Sullivan’s excellent article in Time  interviews a number of Christian Left figures who see a disturbing resemblence between the Left Behind series of books and movies to McCain’s ad.  I enjoyed watching Kirk Cameron return to acting as the star of those movies, but it is quite disturbing to think that McCain would stoop to such shenanigans to try and scare voters.

I prefer to think that McCain’s camp is stratified in age between his peers and the typical campaign staff, so for the Millennial Generation they showed Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, and for their grandparents we get Charleton Heston as Moses. In the spirit of this campaign I plan to add both that film and Left Behind to my Netflix cue so that I can gain deeper insight into the soul of John McCain.

Maybe after that I can answer the question, is John McCain playing with fire when he tries to manipulate the Evangelical voters?  Because we know what happens to the losers in both Ten Commandments and Left Behind, and it is not pretty.

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