It’s the year 2012 and America has suffered four separate terrorist attacks since 2009. Pornography is flaunted in stores across the country, countless Christian businesses are forced into bankruptcy and Iran has launched a nuclear bomb that exploded in the heart of Tel Aviv. Why? All because Americans shunned the Lord on Election Day and voted for Barack Obama.

Don’t believe me? Just ask James Dobson. He recently released this letter written from the viewpoint of a hypothetical Christian in 2012 lamenting America’s demise. It is 16 pages of unadulterated fear-mongering meant solely to scare people into voting for John McCain. Dobson has yet again managed to drive the level of our political discourse to a depressingly low level.

Beyond being a blatant insult to voters, the letter hijacks religion and drags it along for Dobson’s ride through the mud. He makes nothing more than a token reference to the millions of evangelical Christians voting for Obama and leaves little doubt that any vote for the Democratic candidate is an affront to God.

(And how about not judging the next President of the United States before we even know who he is?)

I like to think I paid at least a decent amount of attention in history class, but maybe I missed the section on America’s transition from democracy to theocracy. Can someone get me up to speed?

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  • dawn timmerman

    While the majority of this country might be Christian they are not all far right. We need to acknowledge the fact that there are many religions in this country, many have served our country and this is not a Christian nation. It is a melting pot that we should be proud of. All of the citizens should have their rights respected. We need to meet on a common ground and I pray for the christians extremists to recognize what they are doing to this county. At this time they really are behaving like pseudo members of the kkk, at least, in their thoughts

  • Jennifer Taylor

    This is a Christian nation. It’s a center-left country.There are other religions or views but the majority are Christians. Both political parties have members of the Christian faith and both have member of Christian faith who have served this country. All Christian do not think alike even within the same party so I am hopeful that the extremists in any religion,particularly conservatives christians, do not think they have a mandate to give spiritual litmus tests to others who disagree.

  • Paul Gregersen

    Is there a new Bible discovery that just hit the world?
    Body: Dear Paul, I highly question your youtube videos. The idea that people getting on planes one early morning on 9/11, had any connection to the fiery furnice in the book of Daniel is questionable. The fiery furnace that these three young hebrews faced in Babylon was about faith. You connect George Bush to freeing Iraq as having to do with eagle’s wings. Prove that from the Bible or I will remove you at once by exposing you a false teacher. Prove that Babylon was to be freed by eagle’s wings, or I will expose you to every one here.
    Where are these Bible verses found? Jerry

    Sorry, you are confused and I hope I can porovide some answers for you. If you have not taken any Bible courses concerning type and shadow prophecy, it is hard to grasp what this means. For example, Adam was commanded to perform sacrifices for which purpose he did not understand within his own time period.

    Abraham was likewise commanded to perform sacrifices useing a lamb. He did not understand this commandment either.. God suddenly commanded Abraham to sacrifice his only son in place of a lamb. Later we realize that these events had much less meaning for the people of Abrahams day, and actually represented a type or model for Christs sacrifice to come in the far future.

    In otherwords, true prophecies only are fulfilled when an earlier type has been exemplified as a significant twin prophecy before hand. You ask for proof? One cannot prove it by facts.
    We cannot prove that Abrahams command to sacrifice his only son, directly foreshadowed the Father in heaven allowing the sacrifice of Jesus!
    But, this teaching is understood by all Bible scholars. Was it an exact parallel???? Not really, becuse Abrahams son did not to have to go through with the sacrifice, and Jesus did.. So you have some variations within twin prophecy. Daniels the prophets famous prophecies begin with the very same type and shadow twin patterns, just as earlier prophecies continue to model.

    What happened occured within Babylon and king Nebuchadnezzar was literally being set in place through God, for a latter day understanding given for our time, and not just for Daniels own time period. This Godly message was revealed by king Nebuchadnezzars dreams. The dreams reflected the kings own life story. Daniel told the king about this important matter directly from the Bible. God told Daniel to “seal the words of the book” until the last days.

    Why?? To be later understood for our latter days, when knowlege is increased.. “Daniel 12:11.” The king wanted his kingdom to endure forever, and was very concerned about the future of Babylons continuence. God answered the king directly through Daniel the prophet who interpreted the kings dreams. “But there is a God who maketh known to the king what shall be in the latter days.” “Daniel 2:28.” The king was to have “plural dreams” and not just one dream, revealing the future of his people.”Daniel 2:1.

    The mystery of the dream was that Babylon and the king were essentually the same thing in prophetic meaning. The “head of gold” was not only Babylon, but represented the king himself sinominously. The dream was about the kings life story having meaning in the far future. Babylon also represented the 7 times of the gentiles. The dreams and the kings life were about the future of his people, or, future gentiles who would be born after Babylon and live in the latter days. That prophecy would become Iraq today, because Babylon still sits next to Baghdad directly in the exact spot even today.. Daniel stated that the actual reason he had come to Babylon was to “make known what should happen to thy people in the latter days.””Daniel 10:14.

    So the three Hebrews being forced into the firery furnace was a type for a future latter day prophecy, just as Abrahams life story was not exclusive just for his time alone.

    Daniel stated that the true meaning of the book of Daniel, would later become “unsealed at the time of the end.” But, not until something significant happens in the last days would we see all of the prophecies completed.
    “Daniel 12:8”
    These are twin prophecies and must be matched up for today, or have no true meaning. You stated that the people waking up on 9/11 had no idea that they would headed for the fiery furnace. I am sure Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego had no idea upon that morning that they were heading for a firery furnace either.

    9/11 exemplifies amazing examples of faith in God. It took a greater faith in God for the Americans flying aboard flight 93 to overthrow the terrorists and sacrifice their own lives by driving the plan directly into the flames of death. After 9/11 we soon witnessed the greatest national quest for faith that we had ever seen in American history. Churches were literally filled past their capacity.

    What was the connection with the three Hebrews in Babylon with the American eagle’s wings today? These men were willing to die for their religious freedom in Christ. A direct parallel to the reason America actually exists today. The American revolution was about peoples willingness to die for religious freedom, by resisting a king, who tried to force religion through politics.. It was a freedom to worship Christ and following the only true God! Not following a state religion dictated by a king. Babylon was the symbol of a Lion, and so was England. Gentiles today grew eagle’s wings after being transformed into a new creature from a the symbol of the lion of England.

    The American revolution itself was all about religious freedom. The key point is that men trust in a power greater than themself. They must be willing to die for religious freedom like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendego who face the flames of death.

    King Nebuchadnezzar repented after great suffering, he grew eagles feathers which enable the eagle to fly in his dream. “Daniel 4:34.” He grew birds claws on his feet in this futuristic dream. This is the very means by which the eagle kills its prey and defends himself.

    President Bush today controls not only the great eagle’s wings this christian nation, but also controls the deadly birds claws of the US military for defense. The dream of Nebuchadnezzar was futuristic, like unto Abrahams future model, not understood then. The king tried to control his people with politically powered eagle’s wings. Why the difference? Dictators try to use political force in place of Gods power to free and save people. The king was playing God over his own people.

    God plucked his political wings and humbled him “Daniel 7:4.” Wings represent power, and there are two kinds of power upon the earth originating from both Satan and our God. The roots of the tree of life represent both good and evil. The ground was cursed after Adams sin. But the burning Bush sanctified the roots in the ground as Moses stood upon holy ground near the burning Bush. The curse of evil roots was removed from Adam in that holy spot. The ground could not bring forth weeds and evil thistles near the burning Bush. The same type was exemplified for Babylon. God commanded that the evil tree of Babylon be cut down. but, “leave the stump and the roots alive” for a future transformation. God was going to save gentiles as well as Jews!”Daniel 4.” The clue given by Daniel is something any elementery student could answer. What happens when you water a tree stump? It becomes a Bush. Today Iraq is being transformed by a George Bush of freedom.
    By what power is this freedom coming to Iraqi people?
    By eagle’s wings which represent our christian nation today, America. This is was the same model given for us back in Moses time. “For I have delivered you from the Egyptians upon eagle’s wings and have bought you unto myself.”Exodus 19:4.” Where did the command to deliver us upon eagle’s wings come from? The Bush. Today a modern Bush (type) is delivering the land of ancient Babylon from evil roots, and transforming it into a Bush of freedom. Our president represents the modern gentile christian nation today from that prophecy.
    Were eagle’s wings not being plucked off when the planes hit the towers on 9/11?
    Satan is fighting that christian nation with all of the forces of hell in order to get us out of Iraq.
    Why? To stop the prophecy!
    Satan has even fought to transform our nation into a ruthless Lion nature once again during this election. Trying to destroying the eagle’s wings and shame our military. Sarah Palin cries out to christians to pray for Gods will to become finished in Iraq, and those evil forces seek to destroy Sarah Palin as well. Tell me again that we are not living directly within these Bible prophecies today! Listen to Sarah Palins prophetic words on my sight on myspace.

    If you wish to help this prophecy become known so that we can fight Obama and the anti war movement ,please help me send this prophecy to everyone you can! full story www. eternlatruth. net

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    Polka DOTS!

    Nov 15, 2008 12:06 PM
    I too have read the book and agree that this is more than just another christian book just coming out. I was amazed and am still amazed with the content and actual scripture supporting this Bible message. A very clear message concerning modern Iraq becoming free through a modern eagle, and also a Bush, exactly as Daniel writes. I do not think that this is by chance that America is the eagle, and Bush is the authority behind freeing Iraq. No wonder the evil forces are fighting to get America out of Iraq. They are trying to stop a prophecy in the Bible from happening. That means that Satan will also work very hard to prevent you from discovering this truth also. i was amazed to see the entire event of 9/11 in my Bible! How did all of that stay under the radar away and from christians for 7 years? But it did do so until now. Obama could be exposed as apposing Gods will in the Bible by this one book. Sarah Palin did request that we pray for Iraq to be revealed as Gods will. Many have prayed for this to happen. I believe God just answered millions of prayers through this book. But do christians have the faith to believe that God will answer them directly? We know Satan wants America out of the middle east, and will do anything to get us out of there. Perhaps, even elect Obama. THE FORCES OF EVIL PLAN TO DESTROY ISRAEL. OR, DID WE FORGET THAT? Perhaps God has more work to do before the end, and America being stationed in Iraq is holding off total destruction for a time. If that point is true everyone needs to get this information and follow Sarah Palins request to pray for Gods will in Iraq. The author understates the power of his book. I thought he was overstating it until I just read it. I could not put it down. Kat

  • invicelyperee

    Ive been offered a hand me down, but would rather get a modern one, has anyone owned one of these:

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