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Dominionists cheer the government shutdown? A Teavangelical dream come true? Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Chris Hedges says everything’s going according to plan – and he’ll be with us to explain. Get ready for a fiery interview with his expose at TruthDig, The Radical Christian Right and the War on Government.

Also – the Supreme Court has started a new term, shutdown or no shutdown. We’ll look at the cases that are likely to influence issues of religion, government and politics this session with Religion News Service correspondent Lauren Markoe.

And a new Pew survey finds dramatic changes in the way Jewish Americans are relating to their religion and their culture. The report is titled A Portrait of Jewish Americans, and we’ll hear from Gregory Smith of the Pew Research Center’s Religion & Public Life Project.

That’s all coming up this weekend on State of Belief! Here’s how to listen.

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