It’s time for a generous helping of your religion and politics news:

  • Cathleen Falsani argues Obama should not need to pass a litmus test to be a “real” Christian. Don’t forget the Constitution gives us an answer on this too. [Chicago Sun-Times].
  • Ask the presidential candidates where they stand on gay marriage and they will claim the building is on fire and run away from the controversy. [NPR]
  • Martin Luther King Jr. once said the most segregated hour in America was Sunday morning at 11 AM. Unfortunately, not much has changed. [CNN]
  • New list details the colleges with the most religious students and the fewest religious students. [Christian Post]
  • Guess who said this (besides Rev. Gaddy): “I have never heard anybody ask a candidate, ‘What is your view of the Constitution?'” The answer may surprise you. [NPR]

Religion and politics news, now with a powerful decongestant, brought to you by the Interfaith Alliance.

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