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American education and religion: what’s helping, what’s hurting.

The creationist assault on science education is pouring into classrooms like Noah’s flood – Welton talks to activist Zack Kopplin about the most dangerous state-level initiatives. Zack started work on the issue while still in high school in his native Louisiana, and continues his work on wrongheaded initiatives there, in Texas, and, sadly, in far too many other states.

And interrreligious education: why understanding different belief systems IS something we need to be teaching, today more than ever. You’ll meet Kimberly Medendorp and Randy Christopher, the founders of the nation’s first fully-accredited interfaith high school: the Peace & Justice Academy in Pasadena, California.

Then, a conversation with writer and author Damon Linker, who’s recent article on was provocatively headlined, “How Christianity Gave Us Gay Marriage.” Linker is the author of the books The Theocons: Secular America Under Siege and The Religious Test: Why We Must Question the Faith of Our Leaders.

And despite its subsequent withdrawal, the majority vote in the Kansas state Assembly in favor of a radical new anti-LGBT law is yet another low in the redefinition of “religious freedom” to justify outright bigotry. Welton has some thoughts to share on this (even as Arizona stands ready to approve an equally odious assault on its own citizens.) Want a slightly louder reaction? Here’s Jon Stewart’s take:

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