Where does Interfaith Alliance stand on the faith-based partnership? What are Interfaith Alliance’s legislative priorities for the 111th congress? These questions and others are answered on video by Interfaith Alliance President Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy. We’ll be adding additional segments in the weeks and months ahead, so leave any comments you have, and if you have suggestions for topics you’d like to see covered, you can submit them using the link below!

How will the new president and congress impact the focus of Interfaith Alliance?

How will you go about protecting faith and freedom in the age of Obama?

Does President Obama’s faith-based partnership include enough safeguards?

What are Interfaith Alliance’s legislative priorities in the 111th Congress?

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  • Doug

    I believe the faith-based initiatives are dangerous because they have the potential of making churches dependent on government for funding.

    It’s easy to foresee churches and church leaders not criticizing public policy to avoid making some politician or bureaucrat angry and risk losing funding.

    Jesus wasn’t an agent of the state. Our Houses of Faith shouldn’t be either.

    I believe the response of the faith-based community to the Bush policies was pathetic. The National Mall should have been filled with people dozens of times with church buses bringing people in. I can’t prove that the reason this did not happen is because of church and state entanglement but it’s not a stretch to say that it played into it.

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