Here’s what’s coming up this weekend on State of Belief Radio:

An audacious new effort to combat gun violence. Frustrated with the lack of Congressional action in the face of overwhelming public support, some diverse faith leaders are marking the first anniversary of the Newtown massacre by crossing the Atlantic to confront European weapon makers, and you’ll hear from one of those leaders, Rabbi Joel Mosbacher, in Italy.

Also, a growing grassroots movement online – you’ll meet Charles Toy, co-founder of “The Christian Left,” which gives progressive people of faith a place to find support and community, wherever they live. The website and Facebook page are vibrant and fast-growing expressions of a faith and values that are all too often ignored by the mainstream media.

And remembering Nelson Mandela. We’ll talk about his life and legacy – and what role religious faith played in that – with the Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell, former Secretary-General of the National Council of Churches, who knew him well.

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