We took CNN to task in April for the questions asked of political candidates during the Compassion Forum at Messiah College — particularly a question to then-candidate Hillary Clinton about the topic of her prayers. Asking what a candidate prays about makes a mockery of both prayer and the political process in a multi-faith nation. We’re not picking a Pastor in Chief!

Today’s pool report from the Obama campaign shows a little movement in the right direction, though. Reporters questioned Sen. Obama about his morning visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, where it’s customary to leave written prayers tucked into cracks between the stones.

Q. Do you want to tell us what your prayer was?

BO. Uh, no.

Good answer!

UPDATE: Apparently someone went behind Obama and pulled his note out of the wall and shopped it around to the media. Gah! There isn’t enough space on the Internet to parse how tacky and inappropriate that is.

At least one paper published the information, and some blogs have it, but on principle I’m not going to link to it from this post.

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