Recently, the Center for American Progress held a fantastic event entitled The Global Fight for LGBT Rights, about trends and developments around the world and particularly in Uganda—many of which are, unfortunately grim with the criminalization of and attempts to execute people who are LGBT in many nation.  The event brought together Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire and Bishop Christopher Senyonjo of Uganda for an hour-long, moving, inspiring conversation.  Video of the event in full is available online and I cannot recommend watching it more highly, but keep reading for one particular point which stood out to me.

Bishop Robinson asked whether the United States’ (and other nations’) involvement in trying to stop Ugandan legislation that would put LGBT people to death is interference or if it is helpful.  In response, Bishop Senyonjo expressed gratitude for those who have spoken out around the world and asked an important question: why is it that everyone in the world can help when there is an earthquake in Haiti or China, but if there are human rights abuses, or even genocide, people say “oh it’s a domestic issue, we can’t interfere?”

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