circleonlyHere’s what’s coming up this weekend on State of Belief Radio –

What happens when a fundamentalist understanding of religious liberty collides with airline seat assignments 30,000 feet above the ground? We’ll talk with Dr. Elana Sztockman, author of the book The War on Women in Israel: A Story of Religious Radicalism and the Women Fighting for Freedom. She blogs at

Also, what role is religion playing in the campaign rhetoric of the growing field of White House wanna-be’s? Journalist Sarah Posner will be with us to discuss.

And some lawmakers in Florida say discrimination is okay in providing adoption services. We’ll talk with Denise Brogan-Kator of the Family Equality Council, who testified against enshrining bigotry in state adoption law.

Plus, the religious right has a new list of LGBT-friendly businesses that they’d like us to boycott. But there’s nothing to stop us from using it as a list of companies to support. How convenient!

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