Tony Perkins’ accusations and smears are startling and harmful

Recently, our friends at Right Wing Watch brought to light some startling (if not entirely surprising) comments made by Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council (who among other activities, co-chaired Rick Perry’s The Response in Texas). We share their outrage over Perkins’ attack on the It Gets Better anti-suicide and anti-bullying campaign, and […]

In Colorado, taxes no longer support religious education

A battle has been won (for now) in Douglas County, Colorado; but the war is certainly not over. I’m talking about the fight over Douglas County’s school voucher program. We, here at the Interfaith Alliance, have been involved in cases such as these, and are simply exuberant over this news. This victory comes in the […]

How much do you really know about religion?

With politicians and the media often discussing (and sometimes completely distorting) religion, it seems sometimes as if everyone knows everything there is to know about every religion! Huffington Post has some new quizzes up, one on Islam and one on Mormonism, so you can try to see the extent of your religion-savvy. In light of […]

“Radicalization” hearings- a 3rd strike against religious freedom

Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security Peter King (R-NY) recently announced he is convening a third hearing on the supposed radicalization of Muslims in the U.S. More details can be found here but in short, this will be a hearing into the group “Al-Shabaab,” and its recruitment efforts in the United States. In […]

UPDATED: An unnecessary reponse

Texas Governor Rick Perry has certainly received an overwhelming amount of media attention lately. Between media speculation on his potential bid for the White House, and his organization of “The Response,” Gov. Perry has his work cut out for him. However, what worries me is the latter, and I think any American that values religious […]

Separating church and state does not mean dissolving religion

As someone who just started interning for Interfaith Alliance, I’ve had to explain the specifics of my job and the organization to a plethora of people recently. Most are interested, even intrigued about the topic and to my delight, I often engage in a long and deep conversation about the intersection of politics and religion, […]

It isn’t 1776…

… but there are certainly some lessons to be taken from that era. This July 4 marked the 235th anniversary of the official beginning of this nation’s free, democratic existence. Since 1776, I believe America has made great progress and in many ways our Founding Fathers would be pleased with the current state of our […]